I slipped off a 50 foot ladder today. Fortunately, I was only on the second step.



I feel so sorry for the regular citizens of Syria. Those who are fighting pretty much chose their situation, but the people who were caught up in it are paying the price. Nowhere safe to stay at home, not really welcome anywhere else. And when the fighting ends, as it surely must, then what? There is really nothing left to go back to, for many of them. Follow the link to see some drone footage of the devastation.


This didn’t happen in Syria, but I am sure the same kind of trauma exists there. An X-ray film shows a bullet lying inside the skull of an 18 month old boy Satrin Osinya, being treated at the Kenyatta National hospital Nairobi – March 26, 2014.


“Don’t worry, climate change, if there is such a thing, will not affect us one little bit”. Riiiight.


Is this the reason why so many scientific papers have been found to be incorrect or faked.


The next generation of smartphones may leave a lot of current owners disappointed, since they seem to be going away from screen based usage. What will those who are led around by their screens do if they have to look at the cold, cruel world?


Yeah, start teaching the child to shirk his responsibilities at an early age. “I didn’t wake up in time to get to class because I was out late, last night, having fun”. And, now that it has been widely reported, how many more will try it? Sure, one or two hours of missed school will not ruin your life, but try that at work. For anyone who thinks that I need to lighten up, let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that it was a Kanye West note that the kid handed in. Would it have had the same effect? Since the teacher was a huge fan of “The Boss”, I doubt it.


While you are at it, maybe teach them about manners. Leaving a mess in public toilets is NOT a bro move. It does not make you a hero, it just pisses people off.


And if you take your children shopping, but do this, you are raising a potential future asshole. Bad enough to leave regular items in a different department, but leaving things like milk and meat in unrefrigerated aisles could allow them to spoil.


On one hand, I guess she could be flattered at the attention. On the other hand, creepy as fuck. And a serious misuse of trusted private information.


Saskatoon may soon have a tough new anti-bullying bylaw that would include smack talking among punishable offenses, without involving criminal charges. The day after I read this article, I saw another one, which said that city council had turned the bylaw over to the school board for consideration.


Her tattoos offend me much more than her hair. Which really doesn’t bother me at all. Even with the tattoos, though, I still have an unbreakable rule for all service people. Waiters/waitresses, taxi drivers, etc. always get a tip, up to 15%, based on the quality of their service. More, if they go above and beyond their job description, or put up with a large group of thirsty people, all night long, in the bar. Sometimes they have trouble keeping up if a few of us go on vacuum. 


Here is how Trump supporters tip. I wonder what kind of “hard work” the diner does.


Could Alzheimer’s really be transferred between humans?


I was quite surprised at the number of drugs that exist in Puget Sound in high enough concentrations to be measured in the fish there. 


I would think that a knowledgeable thief would know better than to try to steal a security camera.


When the NERC opened up suggestions for the name of their new research vessel, they thought it would be the name of a famous explorer. Nope.


I swear it wasn’t a porn or fetish site that I found this shit on. No, it was a celebrity news site, where the author expressed his sadness that the “ghosting” the subject of the story did was the more traditional stopping communication with a woman who was still in love with him. As opposed to the decidedly smarmy “modern” version, where the guy pulls out while having anal sex with a woman against a window, and a waiting friend takes over, without the woman’s knowledge. Then the first guy runs outside and waves, as if he is the ghost of the guy she thinks she is with. Oh, how fucking romantic. Unless she is a bitch you need some payback from, I guess. Still, pretty low. I can’t figure out where people dream this shit up from. “If this is so disturbing, why did I share it?” you may ask. Hey, if I suffer, you suffer with me. Now, anyone know where I can get one of those memory eraser things from the Men In Black movie?


Considering the near nude outfits which celebrities now wear in public, and on TV, it is difficult to imagine people getting upset over an exposed navel. Follow the link for a huge Cher retrospective. And more. For what it is worth, I think Cher looked better before all of the plastic surgery,


I had not been aware that the Go-Go’s were still together and performing.


Colin Mochrie is one of, if not the best, improv comedians I have ever seen. I love the “Whose Line…” programs.


Interesting, and creative, bus advertising, that would have been sure to be noticed.


Ever wonder why most modern aircraft wings are swept back?


This baby thinks it is hilarious when Daddy is a sloppy eater.


Closeup photos of insect eyes.


Interesting question: What would happen to deep sea creatures if they were brought up to the surface, where the pressure is far less?


I’m confused. First the article says it was a jawless creature, then it tells us that it had a long, slender snout ending in a toothy jaw. Either way, weird.



Your dog would like you to know a few things.


If you want to keep your dog in your yard, you have to be smarter than the dog.


Amazing dog was taught how to drive.funny-gif-car-dog-drive-coach


Cat is baffled at how to proceed with a butterfly on its paw.


“Ah, screw it”


“Go this way, Dad. It’s much easier!”




“Your laughter isn’t helping, here, dude”tumblr_o4bhdsYOxM1qdm5ngo1_r1_400







The same type of shallow people who make this programming popular are also responsible for the popularity of Donald Trump.cool-History-Channel-expectations-fail


At least he didn’t (so far as I know) let his fame and fortune turn him into a drug dealer, sexual abuser, or other lowlife. It will be interesting to see if Chum returns in the new season of Pawn Stars. Perhaps he will have to phone it in from jail. And, since he and Corey are best friends, I have to wonder about Corey’s potential involvement.








“I believe what my mom MEANT to say is that the blown transmission wasn’t an issue today”I believe what my mom MEANT to say is that the blown transmission wasn’t an issue today





I don’t know how women can wear extremely high heels all day.tumblr_nnbruhV60Y1s1vn29o1_1280












Arnie Shortsarebigger does not even want to discuss the Trumpster. To be fair, he said he did the interview to promote the movie, not to discuss politics.


Perhaps we need Keith Richards to step in again.


The longer the current U.S. presidential debates go on, the truer this Friday Firesmith column becomes. I was one of those who thought Trump was fairly harmless, and entertaining, when he first announced that he was running. Perhaps even a viable alternative. But, now, he terrifies me. And I can’t figure out why no rational person has tossed their hat in the ring. Well, except for Bernie Sanders, but he doesn’t seem to have sufficient support.


John Oliver discusses the actual lunacy of Trump’s plans.




Regular readers know how much I hate thieves of food at work. For that reason, I consider this justice.






If I owned the machine? Add a note that read “Go ahead, but when you do, make sure to smile for the security camera. When you get out of jail, remember to not try to threaten people”. Because damned if I would be held hostage over ten dollars worth of electrical cable by some punk who is too lazy to walk to a convenience store.


Some of the artists of the 60’s are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers who can remember doing the “Twist” as if it were yesterday.

They include:

Bobby Darin —
Splish, Splash, I Was Havin’ A Flash

Herman’s Hermits —
Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Walker

Ringo Starr —
I Get By With A Little Help From Depends

The Bee Gees —
How Can You Mend A Broken Hip?

Roberta Flack—
The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face 

Johnny Nash —
I Can’t See Clearly Now

Paul Simon—
Fifty Ways To Lose Your Liver

The Commodores —
Once, Twice, Three Times To The Bathroom

Procol Harum—
A Whiter Shade Of Hair

Leo Sayer —
You Make Me Feel Like Napping

The Temptations —
Papa’s Got A Kidney Stone

Denture Queen

Tony Orlando —
Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall

Helen Reddy —
I Am Woman; Hear Me Snore

Leslie Gore —
It’s My Procedure, and I’ll Cry If I Want To

And Last, but NOT least:

Willie Nelson —
On the Commode Again


How many girls are in this picture? I originally thought there were four, but I saw some comments which said there were just two. My opinion was based on the theory that I detected a slight change in the appearance of the photo after the 4th girl which made me assume that was where the mirror was. It is entirely possible, however, that there are only two of them. Hopefully the photographer will eventually clear up the mystery. I checked the photographer’s Instagram page, where he first posted it, before publishing this post, and he had not yet done so.


I wish I would have found this in time to post in my last edition, along with the interview with Gene Simmons.


Are these stupid cakes all real, or is someone faking them, and I am falling for it? Hard to believe anyone can actually be so stupid. And this one does not look like it was done by a professional.




You were so light on your feet as you flew into that pole.tumblr_o43lcxFFmG1u9127so1_400






How much of that healthy tanner do you figure the baby ate?ktym




Beard length measurement shirt.small_beard_measurement_chart_shirt2




Think he rejoined the game, or hung his head in shame, and hit the locker room?tumblr_n9ny6iyjlb1qdlh1io1_500




Always keep your eye on the ball.tumblr_o37prfcLHW1tbt5dxo1_400













Apologies to all non-gold diggers out there, but there are quite a few. cool-Twitter-dollar-unattractive-to-girls


An asteroid recently passed by Earth at the distance of some satellites. And no one saw it coming.


A new type of galaxy has been discovered.


Comets disrupt the solar wind.


If the results of my recent poll are any indication, none of my readers is interested in the amazing Universe around us. If it is just that no one wanted to reply to the poll, the link will take you to an interesting online documentary series about the contestants who are seeking to win the XPRIZE, an award sponsored by Google for the first privately funded group to successfully land a robot on Earth’s moon.


I understand the incredible distances involved, but it is still difficult to wrap my mind around events from so long ago just now becoming visible to potential other entities.


It must be horrible to feel responsible for the death of other humans.


International Space Station Transits SaturnInternational Space Station Transits Saturn


Extreme closeup of the moon Dionne, in front of the planet Saturn.


I have read, a lot, that lightning travels from the ground up, but I have also seen a lot of slow motion lightning footage, like this, which doesn’t seem to support that. Also, isn’t the Earth ground, a negative? And doesn’t current travel from a positive to a negative charge?tumblr_o0oxwd70yH1rz49fvo1_500


…or you could just decide to obey the law. And save a couple of hundred dollars.


 I found the walking portion of this video mildly amusing, but the driving part incredibly stupid to the point of being offensive. I wonder how many bystanders were frightened at the idea of a blind man trying to drive, and called the police. Sure, one could make the argument that everyone should have realized that it would be impossible to navigate properly via a stick out the side window, but that might not occur to everyone who is surprised/shocked by the incident. Nice to see so many people try to help someone who appeared to be in trouble, though. 


Everyone has different tastes, but how does someone decide this look is the one to go with?


The above observation also applies to some of the vehicles at this event. To me, some of them, like the 1952 Pegaso, are not in any was pleasing to my automotive eye.












1950’s luxury.tumblr_o41guvNFDu1ttxfeno1_500







Kinda defeats the purpose, don’t it?


-What does Bill Cosby do when he can’t sleep at night?

-He finishes her drink.


“I bought a racehorse today. I’ve decided to call him ‘My Face.’ He is male, runs a mile in just under a minute.  I don’t care if he doesn’t win a race or if he makes me any money.” “Then why in the hell did ya buy him?? I just want to hear thousands of those uppity posh bitches at the race course shouting:  ‘Come on, My Face!’


I went to see the nurse this morning for my annual check-up. She said I have to stop masturbating, I said “Why?” She said “Because I’m trying to examine you!” 


Bloke walks into a bar with an elephant. “This elephant will do anything,” he announces proudly. “All right,” says the barman. “Make it stand on one leg.”  So the bloke lifts the elephant’s ear up and whispers something to the elephant. Moments later the great grey beast lifts itself up onto its hind legs then carefully balances itself up on one leg. The crowd in the bar go wild with enthusiastic cheering. “Very clever,” says the barman. “Now lets see it fuck my cat.” And so saying, he plonks the genial bar cat onto the bar. The bloke with the elephant thinks a moment then takes the cat and places it on the floor in front of the elephant (who is still poised Bolshoi like on one leg). He gets up on tip toe and whispers something in the elephant’s ear. As silence descends on the drinkers in the bar, the man steps back and the elephant teeters over and comes crashing down, splattering the kitty across the floor. “There you go,” says the bloke. “That’s fucked it.”


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