When people ask me what I did over the weekend, I always squint, and ask “Why, what did you hear?”




Please, everyone, be careful out there. My own recent experience with the bum ankle has reminded me how helpless I can become very easily. I never did feel comfortable using the crutches, even though I tried different length adjustments, and even watched a video demonstration. I was able to move up and down the hall in my apartment, but even the 3 block trip to the local convenience store or pharmacy was too much for me. I had to keep stopping to rest every few hundred feet, and was drenched in sweat by the time I got there. Plus, my good hip was starting to hurt, so I took a taxi home. I seem to just be in too poor of shape to haul my own fat ass around with one leg out of order. Several years ago, I had a similar injury, up North, at work, and I was able to walk with crutches on gravel fairly easily. As I am publishing this post, it is Saturday night, and I am able to put a bit of weight on the injury, so I am hoping to be more or less fully mobile in a few days.


While I have been recovering, I have been spending a lot of time laying in bed with my leg elevated on a pillow. Fortunately, I have an older laptop that I had set up by my bed, so I can still surf the ‘net, and play computer games like Mahjong. I also put my entire music library on shuffle and am playing it. With 3694 items, some being entire albums, this worked out to 280 hours of play time, or almost 12 full days. I know I have over 4000 items on my main laptop, so that would be another day or two of unrepeated music. I guess you could say that I like music. I have made several friends very happy by sharing my music library with them, on USB drives. I suppose that is technically illegal, but none of you good people are going to rat me out, are you? ARE YOU? Thing is, though, there have been a few tunes that played that I did not even recognize. Not that I didn’t like them, they were just unfamiliar. Why I don’t remember acquiring them is anyone’s guess. Just a little personal glimpse I though you might find interesting. On a related note, one of the songs which played was Superman’s Song, by the band Crash Test Dummies. I hadn’t heard it in a long time, and was pleased to listen to it again. I am not going to go to the trouble of embedding the video here, but I urge you to search for, and listen to it. It has a very interesting story, comparing Superman to Tarzan, and wondering why Supe kept it up. Proof, I guess, that a good writer can make a song about pretty much anything.


If you like the unusual, you might be interested in this app. Upload any picture, and the program will redraw it using only straight lines. I tried a few, and the end results of most of them weren’t very appealing. It seems that images with a lot of light colors work best.


Did I say unusual?


This goes way past unusual. You may recall the article I included, in a previous post, about the genius who badly injured himself while fooling around unsafely with thermite. This guy built a device that launches the stuff at different objects. Seems somewhat safer, but still way over on the high side of nuts.


These are the guys that so many people are convinced are behind intricate things like the 9/11 “coverup”, and the faked moon landings?


Sometimes, like when I see something like this, I think I would like to work in advertising. It is likely a way too cut throat/backstabbing type of business for my liking, though.


Dude was studying in a different country than his mother, so he jokingly sent her a large cardboard cutout of himself. She took the joke and ran with it.


So sad when the very device you are depending on to save your life is what kills you.


The culling of celebrities actually seems to be increasing. I don’t know if I should keep acknowledging them. It is too depressing.




Before reading this, I had thought that fleece was a fairly environmentally friendly product. Wrong.


Okay, it is shameless plug time! I talked to a friend of mine, today, and his wife. When I asked what they had been busy at, lately, I discovered that she has been writing children’s books. One of them even has a movie deal in the works, so that seems like quite an accomplishment. Please do me a favor and at least consider buying a book for your child, grandchild, or even just the child of a friend. Come on! They sell for less than $6.00 each.


George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words” standup bit is getting inducted into the American Library of Congress. I wonder what he would think of that.








Those of you who complain about me badmouthing smart phones are going to get tired of bitching before I get tired of posting things like this, so you might as well just stop. Besides, if you are addicted to selfies, you are probably on the wrong site, anyway.cool-book-moment-book-advice-phone


Tell me, though. Was this selfie really worth the risk of potential death? Even though the belt was non lethal, this goof had no way of knowing that. Maybe he thought “What the hell, I might die, anyway, why not leave a good story behind?” And you just know that someone out there is just going to have to try to top this story.


The first version I saw of this incident claimed that she had taken the selfie before calling the police, but you can clearly see one in the picture. Unless she had taken one before the cops arrived. But almost every hotel I have ever been in had self locking doors on the rooms for the express purpose of keeping strangers out. I was quite surprised that this one didn’t.


Thank you, Google.


If you can’t spell “ultraviolet”, you shouldn’t be in charge of labeling the fucking lamp.


I’m going to call “FAKE”, here. First of all, the arrow in his shoulder, at that angle, with no support? Gotta hurt like hell, even without the downward drag of the arrow’s weight. Second, why did the guy allow/ask his kid to bring the bow to the hospital? Finally, no visible blood, which could potentially happen, but that smile on his face? Doubt it. If it wasn’t so painful that he at least grimaced, just pull the arrow out and cover the wound with a cloth. What was the purpose of the photo? I guess we will never know, since it was published without context.tyrhe


You gave your girl a test, but you were the one who failed. Congratulations, dumbass. Better to find out before you got in too deep, though, I guess.Untitled


STFU, Ricky. None of us asked to be born. Those of us who were born with spines used them to stand up straight and take control of our lives. It’s called being an adult. While I am not at all condoning suicide, some people are just a complete waste of skin. Just hope Ricky takes that cat to a shelter before he checks out.uy


Yeah lady, I’ll bet you would. A guy who can’t even figure out (or be trusted to know) which yogurt to buy without phoning home. One who is so henpecked that he is afraid to make the smallest mistake, like fuck up your precious yogurt order. IT’S ALL THE SAME! If he picks up something other than your favorite, just eat it. Better yet, tell him the name, first, or write it down, and off he goes.uyytr


I  suppose I might laugh, once I found out the truth.




This is hilarious, especially Aubrey Plaza’s inability to stay in character. I’m going to have to stream this show, as I never watched Parks and Rec while it was airing.


Kylie Simonds’ fight with cancer pushed her to invent a life-changing device. The 11-year-old from Naugatuck, Connecticut, says she remembers struggling to walk around with IV poles, after she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma – a connective tissue cancer – three years ago. That’s why she invented a pediatric IV backpack: a wearable, portable IV machine for kids receiving chemotherapy or transfusions.


Now that you have seen that, consider the geniuses behind these engineering marvels. How any of them got past the design stage is anyone’s guess.






Then we have Einstein, here. OK, not a real big deal, right now, but what about after his ol’ lady has a few more drags? Pull the glowing ember through his nose, or put it out, basically making the entire exercise pointless?tgnf


Should have practiced more, dude. A lot more. tumblr_nifqjsznss1tfr7ufo1_500


I am the human version of Charlie Brown. A cute red haired girl could easily make me lose my cool.pe150527










If there is a hell, I certainly seem determined to make a reservation.ewretr




Too bad we can’t still get away with this, eh? Well, except for baby Ricky, up above.




Yes, I would have to agree, that is definitely the look of a happy man. How his boner has not torn through his pants like the chestburster from the movie Alien is beyond me. I guess he gets more gorgeous half naked women hanging around than I do. But GOOD GRIEF how thin are those girls.? I am curious as to their weekly grocery bill total.
tumblr_nl8yxsUJfv1tketi9o1_500 tumblr_nl8yxsUJfv1tketi9o2_500


I had to close this video halfway through. I just wasn’t strong enough, at that, time to go any further. Then I remembered how big of a stir Cher’s exposed navel was, when it was seen on TV, in the 1960’s. Ariana’s song is not great but I consider it listenable.


And, then, the triple whammy. As always, if I suffer, you suffer. How long did you guys take to tear your gaze away? I spent at least 10 seconds torturing myself.


Anyone who had reached adolescence by 1970 must have had a crush on Cheryl Tiegs.


Canada’s current and previous Prime Ministers, ladies and gentlemen, in the same yoga pose, 43 years apart. Oh, also father (Pierre, in the lower photo, on the bank of the Nahanni River) and son. Justin appears to have the world’s media in rapture, lately.




Now there’s a scary thought.7qo8n5t




I initially hoped that those stairs were just left over from a recently removed portion of the building, although I had no idea why they would have been left there. It bothered me so much I tried a reverse image search. Which informed me that they were “art”. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Why do people give money to people who do this kind of shit?Escape-Route_small

Beautiful Steps
by Lang/Baumann







Jupiter’s high gravity makes it a bit of a janitor for our outer solar system. You may remember the Shoemaker-Levy series of impacts in 1994.


There is a stretch of road in New Mexico which has rumble strips installed that play “America the Beautiful” as they are driven over.


The 1965 Corvette is one of the few model years of the car that I really like. This is a nice example.


1968 Dodge Dart for sale. 426 Hemi engine. 20 miles on odometer, put on a quarter mile at a time. Asking $295,000 U.S. Oh, vehicle was once owned by famed racer Gene Snow. Well, that settles it. I gotta rob a bank tomorrow. SHHH! Don’t tell anyone!


I’m not a trucker, but I do have a farming background, so I can appreciate the power of a large diesel engine. It takes pretty much all of the power of the engine in the rig in this video to pull the crane up this grade. And all on the rear wheels.


OK,  Hemmings, you got me. I was not prepared for this serious auto blog to pull an April Fool’s prank, and swallowed this story whole. My habit of reading comments enlightened me, and prevented me from publicly embarrassing myself by publishing the article as fact. Now, I wonder how many other times my innocence has been taken advantage of. Better be extra vigilant while proofreading.


Neither the name nor the location of this awesome collection of MOPARS was given, but it got me very excited. I could spend hours in that room, looking at all the eye candy.










I pondered what might be this person’s malfunction for quite a while before I decided that some things just aren’t legal to lock someone up for. No useful or aesthetic purpose. Just an ugly accessory on an already marginal looking vehicle. I wonder how often he is laughed at to his face. And, yes, I am almost positive the owner is male.


This is more like it.


What did the Indian say when the white man tied his penis in a knot?  “How come?”


A cop comes across a guy laying on the curb. The guy is laying on his side with his pants pulled down, and a girl has her finger in his ass-hole, reaming away with a vengeance. The cop says, “What the hell is going on here?” The girl says, “This is my date. When I told him I wouldn’t spend the night with him, he started pouring down the booze. Now, he’s too drunk to drive me home, so I’m trying to sober him up by making him puke.” The cop says, “That’s not gonna make him puke.”  She says, “Oh, yeah? He will when I put this finger in his mouth.”


The newly-married husband came home from the office to find his young wife in floods of tears. “Darling, whatever is the matter?” he asked. “Sweetheart,” she sobbed, “the most terrible thing has happened! I cooked my very first Beef Bourguignon for you, and I got it out of the oven to season it, and the phone rang. When I came back from answering the phone,” she sobbed again. “I found that the cat had eaten it!” “Don’t cry.” said her husband. “We can get a new cat tomorrow.”


One night a blonde nun was praying in her room when God appeared before her. “My daughter, you have pleased me greatly. Your heart is full of love for your fellow creatures and your actions and prayers are always for the benefit of others. I have come to you, not only to thank and commend you, but to grant you anything you wish.” ” I am perfectly happy. I am a bride of Christ. I am doing what I love. I lack for nothing material since the Church supports me. I am content in all ways,” said the nun. “There must be something you would have of me,” said God. “Well, there is one thing,” she said. “Just name it,” said God. “It’s those blonde jokes. They are so demeaning to blondes everywhere, not just to me. I would like for blonde jokes to stop.” “Consider it done,” said God. “Blonde jokes shall be stricken from the minds of humans everywhere. But surely there is something that I could do just for you.” “There is one thing. But it’s really small, and not worth your time,” her voice trailed off. “It’s those M&M’s, they’re so hard to peel…”


When a teenage girl smiles at a boy, he tries to decide what makes him so sexy. When a young lady smiles at a man in his fifties, he turns around to see who the handsome dude behind him is. But when a female of any age smiles at a man of 80, he looks down to see if his pants are unzipped.


Thanks for visiting. Anything you do, or do not like? Something you would like to see? I do not claim to own the photos posted here. If you see your property here, and want it removed, or if you just have something to say, contact me via the comments section. If you liked what you found, here, please tell your friends. And feel free to use any of it for your own purposes. You might also want to check out my Tumblr page, http://rodzilla-world.tumblr.com/ I post similar content, there, but with less ranting.

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